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Yoga Nidra Expierence

I started doing or attempting to do Yoga Nidra daily. In the beginning, I would fall asleep often, but I kept going with it. I will add --- I was frustrated initially that I kept falling asleep, but stuck with it. I wanted to give myself a full month before deciding further if this was something that helped me, and if it was something that I wanted to continue.

At first, I tried sessions mid-day and that did not feel right for me. So I moved to do them at night about 30 minutes before I went to bed. I did each script for about 1 week... once I was able to fully stay awake. Moving through scripts 1-4. Then working some irest sessions.

I had a session of Yoga Nidra where I became very agitated. I was on week 3 at this point. It was like, all the negative sensations were 100x more than usual. It felt very overwhelming in my body. I was on Yoga Nidra 3. I decided to skip a few days and then return. When I started again I started with Yoga Nidra 1. I was able to move through the sessions quicker as I didn't fall asleep. Once I got back to Yoga Nidra script 3 I was hesitant due to how I felt the last time.

However, my experience was much more uplifting when I tried again. I felt something shift in me and I felt a sense of balance within myself that I haven't felt before. I noticed myself feeling different overall like negative things were not affecting me as badly as they did before. I will say I felt so great, I was afraid to return to another yoga nidra session as I didn't want to let go of this feeling. But if I was honest with myself... there was still more I needed to work through.

When I returned after a few days to Yoga Nidra sessions, I completed script 4. For now, this is where I am. I want to move forward, but don't feel fully ready yet. I plan to stick with it daily in the evening as I feel its benefits in my life. It's like some things that I used to obsess over, that mattered so much... no longer do. It's not that they don't matter at all, it's just definitely more of a neutral feeling. Like I am not affected if it goes either way.

It takes alot of effort to work on yourself, but its totally worth it!!

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