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Ways I handle depression.

Some days are harder than others. Medication is not bad and admittedly I put it off for way too long. I now know it could have helped me so much sooner. Sometimes when you literally cannot on your own... medication WILL help. It doesn't mean you have to take it forever but it can greatly help. Then when you're ready (if that's doable) you can get off medications, but always have your doctor monitoring. I am all for people doing what they need and it is so very VERY important to advocate for yourself. So it's important to make your doctors aware of your short and long term goals.

Some days I just want to stay in bed, in the darkness, and let all my thoughts consume me. But letting that happen is never good because it can be extremely difficult to get out of and you start to lose who you are.

Finding ways to make YOU feel better is always important. When I start to feel depressed I try to.....

Going outside in the sunshine.

Make myself get dressed.

Do my hair.

Listen to uplifting music.

Swim or going to a lake.

Go for a drive.

Yoga Nidra.

Go on an adventure... anywhere out of the house.

Fight off my thoughts, and reminding myself who the F I am.

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