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Ways I cope with Anxiety

Just like with my depression I avoided medication for a long time for my anxiety. I did have better ways to cope but it is still bad at times. I did not learn how to deal with a lot of emotions growing up so not knowing what I was feeling in different situations was very overwhelming. Knowing what my triggers are and learning to set boundaries for myself has been a huge help for my wellbeing, although still a work in progress. Honesty ... at times extremely difficult when others just cannot even try to understand how you may feel and lash out. ((Making it worse)).

Walking away from the situation and then coming back. HUGE help. Sometimes its better to refocus.

Deep breathing. (( The best one for me...Breathe in counting to 4, hold breath counting to 4, breathe out counting to 4, hold breathe out counting to 4))

Meditation as much as possible to help have a clear mind.

Medication needed. More so at this point when it becomes a panic attack and I cannot breathe.

Knowing triggers.

Yoga Nidra

Lighting a candle or incense.

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