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the whispers

It would be years before we met again.

I had to believe in my heart.. Death took care of my good friend.

For this time when he came

I thought it would be me.

He was right there in the middle

of the crossroads.

Why was it only me who could see?

How could that even be?

As scared as I was I listened ever so closely

He leaned in gently and said,

Hello my small friend

I'm sorry we've met again

But don't worry it's not you just yet.

I see how you love

and you must learn to fly

like the doves.

But I have to take from you once more

The only way out was for death to push me out that door.

Because I wouldn't let go

How could this be so?

I'm just left falling ....

deeper down the dark hole.

So much darkness

Where is the light?

Why did you bring me here on this night?

I wake up to a call

It wasn't a dream at all

My dads' life is running out,

I hear whispers

... don't worry little one

I am not like them

I will take care of your dad

and your dad will now care

for your rabbit friend.

I loved too much

I squeezed too tight

I tried to become a dove that night;

but it didn't work.


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