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The moon

Why does the sun even rise everyday?

It never touches the moon, so why does it stay?

The moon is so dark and alone at times.

All she gets daily is to see the stars shine.

Is that why she comes?

For the show of the stars?

The moon can see everything but sometimes has to go away.

She can't simply wait around all day, so she slowly gives us more of herself each day.

Hoping that we choose to stay.

She reminds us that we don't have to give our full selves every day.

And that no matter what she will come back to play.

But someday she needs her rest so she can prepare to be full and give us her best.

remember it's okay to not give your full self every day.

and that sometimes it is okay to go away.

But like the moon, you must come back because your stars depend on you and that's a fact.


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