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The end of the beginning.

December 19, 2007 was the end of the beginning

the beginning of being all alone

in my own head

because he was just dead.

Stuck in the darkness that I called life.

Just laying there so helpless

I could no longer fight.

My entire everything was now gone.

the person that kept the joy alive

well, he no longer thrived.

He was as stiff as a board

and I was reminded by death

that I am the


The light in the darkness

I'm not allowed to go out.

All I can do is remain still

while my insides shout.

No one cares for me now

I'm alone in the world.

But my light has to shine

Because I am the sword....

The most important thing you

can do when you're stuck in

your own head

is learn to truly love yourself

and do not fill yourself with dread.

Because being all alone


your light becomes so dim.

you have to pay close attention

bec the death whispers will begin.


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