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sugar and spice

Sugar spice and nothing nice... sweet dreams turn into nightmares.

Tuck yourself in case you are in for a spin... the moment you close your eyelids.

What do you see? and do you believe that what you see is a dream?

Oh sweet child sit down for a while and I can tell you the stories.

The man before me looked weak.

He stood at the top of the slide.

It was made from wood and I wondered how it stood when it looked so nimble and fine.

His beard was as long as his arm.

and the only thing you could see was his hand come from behind it and give you a shove and down the slide, you would fly.

Not knowing what's at the end until one day you realize it was him.

The woman was tall with dark hair.

Don't look into her eyes or even glare.

Just across the river is where you will find her if you even dare.

If you appear to be rude or give any attitude she will eat you right on sight.

But if you are kind you will find, that the look in her eyes is that of pure joy and delight. All that she wants is a friend and then it will be as easy as a stitch, for her heart will mend.

The house was made of wood.

I don't even know how it stood.

Nothing makes sense; when you jumped over the fence it was a whole new world.

The old man with the beard is there but appeared younger in years. He gave me a compass and a hat; I never figured out what to do with them yet.

When you know; then you know that the beginning is the end.

and as above is in the below. Everything makes sense and you jump back over the fence as if nothing ever happened.

the end.



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