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Sticking to a Routine Can be difficult; but worth it.

I started by making simple weekly goals, then adding a new one on at the end of every week that I was successful. That part was easy for me. It was sticking to a routine daily that was difficult for me.

I am a mom of 5 kiddos so, as much as I try to stick to a routine for myself I am often interrupted for one reason or another. I've learned to always come back where I left off after whatever the interruption was and I will be okay. That took quite a bit

of getting used to. I've restarted many weekly goals because of so many interruptions... then one day I realized that... that's just going to be part of my life as a mother and I need to learn to deal with it or I will never survive myself.

Ayurveda helped me quite a bit.... I still struggling with the food aspects and what is best for me. It's a struggle with our healthcare system too... seeing my doctors is very difficult and I want to make sure that everything I do, is healthy for me. It's like my doctors finally find something, but then send me to a different specialist. It's frustrating and doesn't make sense to me as I thought the point of a Primary doctor was to keep all health information together to help figure things out.

Anyways... to be honest I am feeling better than I have felt in a few years. I've changed my diet ((Still a work in progress daily)), make sure I take in enough water, continue with daily Yoga, continue with daily weights, and started taking natural vitamin tinctures daily. I think the healthier I start to feel in my body, the easier it will become to maintain a healthy diet because I will feel well enough to cook things... rather than grabbing fast food or snacking frequently. Finding foods that support my body is a huge goal I continue to work towards. Having a routine is very helpful when it comes to meals.

The routine I try to stick with:

Morning Saying

Brush teeth/Shower/Clean face/lotion

Meds./8 oz Water.


Yoga Asanas

Pranayama – breath control: 3-3-3-3 (or 27 alternate nostril)


daily ritual

Review of daily tasks.

Meds. Before dinner

wash face/ lotion /brush teeth/ Shower if not am

Yoga Asanas

Pranayama – breath control: 3-3-3-3



Nightly Saying/ yoga Nidra

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