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side by side with death

I can walk side by side with death as others cannot.

i can hold her hand, can touch her and feel all the pain that she carries and work towards taking some of it away. even death doesn't deserve that pain.

I can look death right in the face with a smile. Because everyone deserves happiness, even the darkness of death. I don't mind feeling the terror and pain that she brings with her. It's welcoming to those who truly got to live. Death has a purpose. Death means life. and death once lived as everyone else did.

I can look death in the eyes, tell her I love her with my full soul and know that she -above all others believes me.

I can trust death as others cannot.

Although she has taken from me, she does warn if you listen and when you listen you can see all and know all, just as death. Because when death loves you back anything is possible.



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