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School pickup line.

School pickup line.

Why is it so complicated?

Why is everything so unorganized?

Why do adults not know how to form a line?

Why do adults lead their children right in front of cars when there is a walkway?

Why do adults try to make two lines? … as if that will help at all?

Why do adults not care about the wellbeing of others?

Why do adults not have patience?

Why do adults feel they do not have to follow rules?

Why do adults not know they are not supposed to get out of their vehicles/park in the pickup line?

Why do adults drive so fast in the pickup line?

Why is everyone so impatient in picking up their kiddos?

Why is nothing done by the school administration? I know teachers and staff see… if I do, they do too.

Why is the school not concerned with this craziness of the pickup line?

Why doesn't the school make some sort of structure?

I forgot how much I disliked the pickup line. Now drop off in the am is crazy too, but not as bad. I have to get there a bit later in the afternoon than I usually would because one of my kiddos still does online school from home. I have to wait for her to finish before I load up 2 to pick up the other 2 from school.

I just do not get it. Why is this so chaotic? It does not have to be this way. What horrible habits it teaches the kids…

I was so glad to have them go back to school since COVID19 really started affecting our lives about a year ago.

BUT.... I really can not wait for summer when I do not have to drive them to and from school!!

I'm sure there will be something else that drives me bonkers... haha but I can't think of anything at this moment ....that is more irritating than grown adults, not knowing how to behave or form a single line.

#growup #patience #learn #setexamples #woah #schoollines #bananas

#lightandlove #belle_1188

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