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Pulmonologist round 2

I had to get a covid19 test before I was permitted in the office on June 16th because I am not vaccinated.

I am not vaccinated because my doctors do not feel it is safe for me at this time for various reasons. So.... the tests continue. I really do not believe I have asthma as previously diagnosed. I really do not believe it is MS either..

I was very upfront and told this new doctor everything that has happened, the various doctors I've seen and the waits, and how I was feeling about it all.

But this doctor was amazing. Very thorough and asked so many questions that I couldn't even answer... and explained she would reach out to my primary doctor. I've had so many tests done in the last 2.5 years... and still no answers for why I feel absolutely terrible all the time, have 0 energy no matter how much i sleep, crazy high blood pressure, migraines, and struggle to breathe when I do basically ....anything active or not. The right side pain in my abdomen has become unbearable the past year and I struggle to do anything at times. I do know that multiple tests have been done for various reasons. Multiple diagnoses have been discussed... but I don't quite feel they are fitting.

This doctor ordered 3 tests and then asked that once I had those completed, I should reach out to her office for a follow-up appointment. It was quite overwhelming but honestly, i left feeling very knowledgeable about the next steps. Annoyed because I've already been through so much but thankful because this doctor went over so many things and ACTUALLY took my family history into consideration and did NOT say that I was too young for anything.

I asked that she please keep my primary doctor updated and she asked for all the contact info. She said that she would be gathering all my medical records before our next visit so she can see everything I have done before scheduling anything else. ((Great, i hated duplicating tests))

Once I had the tests scheduled I received a call from her office to schedule to follow up! I've never had that happen in the last 3 or 4 years. I'm excited about this office and the new doctor.

Now to wait...

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