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My Journey Begins

Updated: Mar 3, 2021

I have been doing forms of Yoga off and on throughout my life and was not aware until I began studying Yoga Philosophy last year, mid 2020. I certainly remember my mom doing the tree pose, and me trying to mimic her from a young age. She is so smart; and tried to teach us everything she knew. So much from my childhood has begun to make sense. What’s interesting to me is that I don’t even think my mom knew or would say that she was doing Yoga herself.

My health started to go downhill fast around 2018 when I became pregnant, and all of my doctors interestingly recommended Yoga. When I say all of them I mean my Primary doctor, Cardiologist, Endocrinologists, Neurologist, Rheumatologist, Pulmonologist, and ENT. (Yes I was a hot mess!! Stress does that to your body when you force things.) Once I gained my strength after my Full Thyroidectomy in September 2019 I started practicing Yoga daily; sometimes more than once a day. I really noticed a difference in my body and overall mental state. The breathing techniques were remarkably interesting to me because I have used them since I was a small child. So, it was easy for me to incorporate them into my routine. My physical therapist had gone over many breathing techniques with me too it quickly became natural.

I’ve always enjoyed helping others and although I was just beginning; I wanted to share with others what I was learning. My practice had already changed me in such little time. Yoga really put many things into perspective for me in this life and the more I learn, the more it tends to benefit me overall. Throughout life, I have learned that you will never get anything in life, unless you truly want it for yourself. I truly wanted to be free from everything holding me down.

I started practicing daily and attempting to learn asanas on my own; but wanted something more. I kept thinking to myself, it would be great to have an environment where I could feel safe and comfortable in; everyone needs a good teacher too! I believe that Manifesting your true wants and needs in life does work; and that is exactly what happened for me. The more comfortable I started to feel in my daily routines and practice, the more at ease and calm I began to feel overall. My Vinyasa Practice came into my life, literally when I needed it most. I was ready to dive in; and a safe environment with great teachers was put in my lap. As scary as it is getting infront of others, it is such a good feeling when you can truly help others and that is needed more and more. I feel that teaching is what I was meant to do, and I plan to teach everyone as much as I know and continue to learn as it has completely changed my life.

You must first teach yourself and build a good structure from within, then you can move on to teach others your knowledge. Education is never ending. My focus is becoming certified with My Vinyasa Practice ( so I can teach others. My absolute favorite has been learning about Yoga Nidra; I feel like I’ve done this my entire life and I am exactly where I need to be. I’ve always enjoyed working with children in various aspects so I’m excited to learn more about working with children in Yoga. My children join with me, and it has been fun teaching them. Everything always happens how it is supposed too, and I am beyond excited about this journey.

Light and Love,


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