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Leaving a job you love

I learned very quickly that the Government was not there to help....

It felt like a domestic violence relationship...that you just can't get out of as a fellow co-worker put it.

I worked for DCS for 6.5 years.

I became extremely sick while working in the community to help families in March 2020. I couldn't tell the families I worked with or my coworkers that I was sick...

I wasn't able to do my job because I was so sick and began seeing doctors 2-3 times weekly. I struggled to breathe and move; I ended up on a bunch of medications and 2 inhalers. I visited the ER.

DCS HR emailed/ harassed me about obtaining doctor notes during the start of the pandemic of the coronavirus to prove I was sick. I wasn't allowed sufficient time to recover. My doctor's advised me that there was a wait for doctor notes due to the overload in their offices. My doctors apologized, stating they would get me notes asap for my job, but they struggled to believe my job was not following the presidents' orders of not requiring Dr notes at that time.. DCS HR nor Director Mike Faust did not care, and I was still harassed for doctor notes and just repeatedly told to get tested asap for Covid19 or to return to work asap.

Do you know how many clinics were testing mid-March....0

It took 14 days for me to get tested for Covid19. I was considered a first responder so my employer wanted me on the front line, but my employer did not care about MY overall health and wellbeing.

So after 14 days.. I finally got a test for covid19 at the clinic that DCS HR sent me to. I gave DCS Hr and DCS Mike Faust's assistant my 4 Doctor notes I had at that point..stating I was sick with upper respiratory bacteria infection and needed to stay home to rest; then could return to work when I had no symptoms without medications for 2 days. They don't care that my current health conditions make me more at risk and that I should NOT be in the community because I could get even worse in my health. Also at this time DCS had not provided ANY protective gear to its first responders... yet they wanted me to come to work.. sick and do my job.. possibly spreading this to all my coworkers and clients ?! What?

DCS HR ...still did not believe me and asked when I could return to work.

I gave DCS HR and DCS Mike Faust's assistant my covid 19 test result from the clinic THEY sent me soon as I had results in my hands.

DCS HR/ DCS director Mike Faust did not believe me after providing all doctor notes / results they asked for... and put me on leave without pay... DCS HR said I failed to cooperate with them; but I am confused because I gave them all the documents they asked for. TIMELY. I honestly don't know what the inconclusive results meant as the clinic couldn't talk to me more as they didn't know. All they could say was that the results could be because of my health conditions but it did not mean negative or positive. Not my fault; I am not a doctor.

DCS HR wanted me to sign an ROI to speak with the clinic they sent me to about my results... I refused because I wanted MY personal health info FIRST, and then I would sign an ROI. I explained this to DCS HR.

I found out today that DCS HR spoke to the clinic without my consent because I refused to sign their ROI to do so. ((HIPPA VIOLATION))They're claiming all my results were negative, but I have my copy here in a file. I know the truth. Good job trying to gaslight me though!

I gave HR more doctor notes as I received them and they STILL did not believe me that I'm sick. Unreal.

So I gave my 2 weeks and quit a job I love. 💔

If this is how our DCS director treats their employees during a true time of crisis.....I am terrified for our community and the families DCS serves. This kind of treatment is unbearable towards your government employees Director Mr. Faust.

You should NOT work in this agency Director Faust, as you show to have no empathy for your employees let alone the people the agency serves!!! I hope you find a new career path before you destroy all the hard work McKay did for DCS AZ !!

I did not deserve this treatment.

Many others who have left the agency that were dedicated did not deserve that treatment.

The employees matter just as much as the clients!!!!

Many clients don't deserve the treatment they get from some workers either; because they are still HUMANS and still deserve some respect!!

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