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Kidney Scan.

June 8th 2021: After being in pain for over a year my doctors decided to send me in for an ultrasound of my abdomen to look at my kidneys. I just want answers and doctors keep sending me around because they aren't sure what's causing my high blood pressure, migraines, stomach issues, back pain....and I refuse to just let them drug me up. The hospital I had issues with; informed my primary doctor that my kidney test completed in March 2020 was normal and the blood flow to my kidneys was good. I have many labs that have been off for the last 2 - 4.5 years. It was a struggle because many of my doctors felt my labs were considered abnormal due to being pregnant. However, my son is now 2 years old and I continue to have issues. Everything I struggled with in my health... really just became unbearable once I was pregnant. The stomach pain, pain when breathing after a long walk or any exertion, pain in my right side just like under my rib, migraines, acid reflux, falling, dizziness, tingling in hands/feet/knees, neck pain, and back pain.

My appointment was at 7:30 am and I was informed I couldn't eat or drink water. I asked about taking my meds and was told I was able to take them with a little bit of water. Well, most of my meds I need to take with a full glass of water and/ or food. So I only took my thyroid medication. I typically get up around 5am, and I was very hungry when I got to the hospital. After check-in, I noticed 2 people who checked in after I was called. I spoke with the reception and I expressed that my appointment was at 8am and it was now 8:17am. She said that I was next in line and it was okay because they would still take me back as soon I went back. ((Not the issue.. my time matters and this is annoying)). I try to just be calm and didn't say anything.. i know my heart is racing and I'm not feeling well / excessively irritated due to not being able to eat or take my medications like normal. I don't like being off my routine either. People are chatting and being loud by the coffee area... literally having no respect for all the patients waiting to be seen.

I'm finally called back at 8:27 am to check-in. It was all fine.... until the lady told me I had a large copay. I explained that I was confused as no one had called me to go over this and that typically someone from the hospital will call to discuss copays/fees due. She stated she was sorry but that the money was due today. I explained that I would then need to reschedule and stated I would just call in to do that as this has all been very overwhelming. The lady said they could just bill me... and I told her that was fine. We finished the process and I couldn't hold back the tears. I was embarrassed, overwhelmed, hungry, and I could feel every heartbeat through my whole body as well as hear it excessively loud with every thump.

I thought the walk to the next check-in area would be longer and I began to cry. This was a lot to go through to "help my health" when it was making me feel so completely awful. The lady at the check-in was so nice.. and noticed I wasn't doing okay. I told her I was just very hungry and this was taking longer than I thought it would as my appt was 30 minutes ago. She assured me they would get me in and out. This tech was amazing and made me feel better during the testing.. cracked some lame "dad jokes" and it went by fast.

The tech informed me after looking that I never did have a full kidney scan. This is what NW hospital had told my primary doctor in the records... my full kidney scans came back normal. He originally looked as he wanted to compare old scans with the new scan. I was a bit shocked and stated that I had been through so much testing but I did not remember going through anything like this last year. He advised me to let my primary doctor know which doctor had requested the tests originally so she could get the FULL records from her, my cardiologist. I asked how long the results would take to get to my primary doctor and he said later today or by tomorrow for sure. I thanked him for being so kind as he showed me the way out.

Overall the visit ended well, but I'm not happy with this. I usually have no issues going to this hospital; I'm not sure what is going on. I understand that places are short-staffed but ya know that's not my problem. If places cannot provide adequate services ESPECIALLY in regards to someone's health and wellbeing, then I do not think they should be allowed to keep their doors open. I understand how copays work and they have ALWAYS called me to discuss before my visit. This is one of the reasons I've loved this place so much because the other hospitals did not always call to inform. Everyone should be 100% informed of pricing, procedures, and results as it's OUR health. This is so confusing for me. This is my health, my life and I greatly care about it. I didn't use to honestly, but after learning to really love myself I do. It's hard advocating for yourself because people do make you feel less than. My time matters... I matter and so does everyone else. I get so upset thinking about it.. if this is how I am treated, what about others? It breaks my heart. </3

I'll get my Results after seeing my primary doctor. I just want answers... I know my body more than anymore else ((except maybe my husband)) but most doctors do not listen to their patients as they should.

****So the tech said.... did you know that adults have 2 kidneys and children have 4 kidneys. I ... coming down from being angry was like what? He repeated it. I'm like... huh I had no idea? He laughs so so much. I'm thinking WTF man. He's like kidneys .. while pointing where your kidneys are... and then points to his knees and is like.... kid knees. ha ha ha

Like omg, that is so lame and hilarious too. This started the lame dad jokes being told during my visit. I give him 5 stars. It was excellent.

----->Anyone going through something similar please feel free to reach out. All of this has been so overwhelming. It's crazy how long it takes and how many different tests you have to go through to find out anything. -_-

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