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if you dont take care of yourself; no one else will.

It's really blown my mind the past two years just how much I have learned about overall health. The things we eat and do for our bodies greatly matter now if we even want a future for ourselves. If we are not taking care of ourselves from an early age then we don't stand a chance in old age. I want to be able to live life happily now; and in the future.

You really have to be mindful of your body and give it what it needs. Sometimes it's hard because you have to start by being honest with yourself. For me I had to remind myself, coffee is not your friend... and you cannot drink it all day. I couldn't break that habit, it was hard. I had to remind myself that coffee wasn't necessarily good for me. I needed to focus on other areas for my body to be fully rested. I was able to maintain 2 cups of coffee in the morning and things slowly became better and easier. I had to really be mindful about it though and practiced yoga Nidra daily to help break habits. It's a strange feeling finding you don't depend on something. Especially when it wasn't working and majorly contributing to your anxiety and heart rate issues. You start to question why you were even drinking the coffee so much in the first place?

Making sure your body is getting what it needs is super important. When doctors don't listen to you for years it becomes frustrating. I had to advocate so much for myself, and finally, doctors started to listen. I had a full thyroidectomy in 2019 and found it was cancerous. thankfully after advocating for myself for years... I now as of 2023 have a team of doctors who are helping make sure I get what I need. The most helpful things I've found are vitamins... tons of them: whatever my doctors recommended specifically for me, liquid IV to help stay hydrated and extra sodium, compression thigh highs, rest when I need it, daily exercise/ weights/ yoga, no gluten or dairy, staying hydrated, following up with doctors as needed, and being honest with myself overall about my needs.

It all starts with you, and if you're not able, to be honest with yourself it will be difficult to successfully reach your goals.

I Love you

you can do anything

remember to stay hydrated

Belle xoxox

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