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If I could go back... I would make sure I knew.

You don't have to date boys to be cool.

You are the most important person in the world.

Boys are not the answer. Especially teenagers.

Don't go to that park at night.

Remove your footprints from the snow, or you WILL get caught.

Alcohol is not the answer.

Grades are not everything.

Friends matter.

Do not isolate yourself.

Smoking in the bathroom is not cool.

You are enough.

Love yourself and you'll learn true love.

Regular HEALTHY meals are important.

You matter.

Sleeping pills are not the answer.

Not every human is bad.

People lie.

Don't hide at lunchtime; make friends.

People Manipulate.

Good always outweighs the bad.

Trust IS hard; but dont lose it.

Let your mom hug your more.

If you're not open to it... you'll never experience it.

Literally -do not grow up so fast.

Doctors are for more than well exams.

It's okay to not be okay.

Love your alone time.

Just because your dad went to jail ...doesn't mean you should fear him.

You should fear the man you visit in prison on the weekends.

If you want it, go for it ALWAYS.

Time is the most precious thing.

Always hug your parents.

Always answer your parents' call.

It is okay to miss one day of school. my gawd.

Get in the car.

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