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How strong are you right now ?


I need help and no one is listening.

Hello are you there?

Do you have time for me, because you see I'm losing my mind.... I'm Stuck in between the demon inside and free spirit to be.

Who do i be, I just want to be me.

Why do you lie when you know all the truth deep inside.

I just want to know why, why do you lie and hide?

The shadows outside, they are real and I swear they don't go away no matter how much you bear the pain. They dont go away. And who do i be, i just want to be me.

No matter how much I shout to the mountain top for it all to stop. I just want to be free. I just want to be. I just want to be, Me.

But there's two sides of me and I'm learning to see. My whole life I've fought this battle inside because there are two parts of me.

My dad always said I was like a little demon, but free spirit to be and I don't know who to be i just want to be me.


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