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Guides on earth.

There are people who seem to come into your life at just the right time for various reasons. I’ve recognized these individuals as my guides or angels on earth; without them, I would not be in the same place I'm in now. These people have helped me in ways I could never repay them for and I have felt guilty for some time for that. But I’ve come to realize that these people came into my life, for me. They would never accept payment even if I could because they are pure angels and blessed in so many ways you couldn’t even begin to imagine. I experience so many bad things at such a young age, it was hard to grasp the point of living. People have come into my life as guides, teachers, true support, or helped pull me from the darkness.

My oldest sister is one of these people. But I didn’t quite realize it until I was an adult. She was always there for me, looking out for me, giving me advice, and helping me through life in general. She is the type of sister everyone needs; she never judges and loves you for everything that you are. She is my best friend as well as my sister and I am so thankful to have her by my side.

My 8th grade English teacher is one of these people. I knew instantly that we had a connection. She was always there for me but in a tough love kind of way. She wanted me to be my best and she saw good in me even when I didn’t see the good in myself. I will always cherish her. She reminded me how great I was and I feel like she saved me from many things. She showed me that I could trust people and gave me kindness I never knew from someone who wasn’t family.

A coworker I met in the start of my career when I was still in college, who became an amazing friend is one of these people. She reminded me that good friends/people do exist. She reminded me what a good friend was, and that I could trust people. She was there for me during a time in my life where I was so low, I literally thought I would never get out of the darkness. I was going through a divorce, learning how to be a single mother of 3 children all under 5 years old, in my Senior year of College, and juggling 2 jobs. I needed a friend and she was so much more than I could have ever asked for. I am so very thankful for her. Not only did she show me love and kindness, but she was and has always been there for my kids as well. No judgments from what I was going through, just praise and friendship that I’d really never known and I needed in those moments so so much.

Another coworker I met in my Career, who became an amazing friend is one of the people. She is one of the most honest friends I have ever had- always keeping it real no matter what. But it comes from love and I have always accepted it and appreciated it so much. She gives the best advice, so it's hard not to accept it. Really she just taught me to be honest with myself. Like you can lie to yourself all day and say the sky is purple, but deep down you know the truth. Living your true life is really the best life to live; you can feel so free. She made everything seem that easy, and when put into her perspective it was.

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