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Ever been to Bisbee? Bisbee is so much fun for many reasons! It's become one of my favorite places to visit.

My husband and I planned a wedding in about 2ish weeks in 2018. Went to Bisbee, and got married at a friends' restaurant: The Quarry. They have delicious food, delicious drinks, fun music, and no judgment. My husband introduced me to the town of Bisbee and I've loved going with him every time. We've taken our kids to explore too. Really a fun place for the whole family.

We got married on 5/5/2018 and everything that went wrong... could. But it came together and none of that mattered because we had each other. It was disasterly magical.

I did wear the wrong shoes... I don't know what I was thinking.. and stumbled up and down stairs as the night went on. I seriously couldn't feel my feet for about two weeks.

There are stairs everywhere in Bisbee!! It's a fun place to explore. We recently went in March 2021 when the pandemic rules started to allow travel. We got great food at The Quarry, Stayed in one of our favorite hotels; The Gym Suites, Found a fun shop for new crystals called The Raven, played in the park, and of course, explored some of the many stairs. Magic Kenny Bang Bang is always fun to visit, but we missed his show this last time.

There are two things we haven't got to do that on our to-do list. One is to do the Mine Tour with our kids; but my husband and i got to experience it a few years back. I even got to sit on the glorious throne. haha The other is to do a Bisbee ghost tour.. apparent the place is haunted!

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