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Darkness is wet

...and everything went cold; I just knew.

death appeared to me with a tear in his eye.

but this time before he could speak .. I said, "No not me. I'm not ready",

But I can't really explain why I know ... I said what i said.

But it is NOT my time yet. please.

I will choose when I hold your hand and today is not that day.

I was firm with my words but shook evermore.

I didn't expect what happened next.

death wept right in front of me. he remained quiet and still. then he pulled me as close as possible with his will.

he was so quiet with whispers when he said to me,

"I'm so sorry sweet girl, i have to take from you once more. I know you will be great just remember to now be late. It will be okay just stay close to the bay".

...and just as quickly just like that, death walked back into the darkness.


#BEK #belle_1188 #darknessiswet

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