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COVID19 showed everyone's true colors.

I did not realize you had to be rich to obtain proper medical care. I did not realize how judgmental people in the medical field were, they are supposed to be caring for people… and saving lives. I did not realize how much people used their power to hurt others, rather than help.

I became extremely sick last year around March 2020. The year before, I became terribly ill due to thyroid issues and ended up having a full thyroidectomy in September 2019. My government employer continued to inform me that I was not sick and demanded I come to work. I had gone back to work 2 weeks after my thyroidectomy due to HR not approving my time off at that time. Covid19 was very new, and there was not proper testing yet. I had all the symptoms and then some. I went to the ER closest to my home as I struggled to breathe. They did tests for the flu and pneumonia but said I did not qualify for the covid19 testing; even though I was negative for the flu and pneumonia.

No facility was able to test me for COVID19 for some reason. So, prior to being tested for anything, the nurses in the ER told me if I tested negative for the flu and pneumonia I would qualify for the COVID19 test. I was negative for both and they still did not test me for some reason. It did not make sense to me. It was so confusing. I was told by the ER doctor, “there is nothing wrong with you get out of my hospital”. I questioned their reasoning for not testing me for COVID19, but they stated they already explained it and were not speaking with me further. Literally, I was in tears asking staff what was going on as I knew something was wrong. I explained my chest hurt, my blood pressure was high, I was clammy/feverish, and I took meds for high blood pressure issues that had been maintained. Again, I was told by the male ER staff to get out of the room it was needed for someone who was actually ill.

My employer, the State of Arizona, told me to tell whoever needed to know… where I worked as a first responder and that I wouldn’t have to give insurance or anything else and that I would get a COVID19 test. This was not the case at Walgreens, Urgent Cares, or any of the 3 hospitals I had been to. I was considered a first responder in the job I had ((Social worker for in-home families with the state)), and no one would provide proper medical care to me for some reason.

I explained to the ER doctor and nurse as I cried that I did not understand. I explained where I worked and showed my state id. That this did not make sense as I knew my body and knew something was wrong. It hurt to breathe on my left side so much. I explained there had to be something wrong and 3 of my doctors had advised me to go to the ER for treatment. They stated I did have COVID19 symptoms and should be further evaluated. The nurse tossed some papers in my lap and stated firmly that I needed to sign them right away and leave. I began reading the papers. It was 4 full pages of something. The nurse was rude and explained I needed to hurry and sign the documents.

I stated through painful breathing/crying/ struggling… that I wanted to read the documents first and she stated again that I needed to hurry as I needed to get out of the hospital. I was so uncomfortable that I got up and left, without signing their papers. I stated verbally, I am not signing these papers as you are mistreating me and not giving me proper time to read them, and then left the room. Mind you, I was struggling to breathe a lot, and being upset made it much worse.

None of these doctors or nurses were kind.

None of these doctors or nurses showed they cared.

None of these doctors or nurses showed they had empathy.

None of these doctors or nurses showed compassion.

None of these doctors or nurses followed through with what they told me they would do.

None of these doctors or nurses were helpful.

None of these doctors or nurses provided adequate medical care.

They just watched me as this happened. I was not allowed to have anyone with me or be on my phone during this time with ER nurses and doctors. I asked to call my husband or sister and they told me I was not allowed on my phone. I did not understand, as this was happening I was not allowed any sort of support for myself. Why? I was told because of COVID19. But what about the mistreatment I received? What about the many others receiving the same mistreatment?

I was later issued 2 inhalers after this ER visit. Three months later my PCP obtained the testing that was done at that ER visit. There were 2 nodules on my lung, possibly causing the issues breathing, but more tests were to be done. I was so upset. I asked my doctor about what happened at the ER visit and them telling me they found nothing and that nothing was wrong, sadly she had no explanation. She stated that she would monitor and do another scan in a few months. Stated it was likely due to past Pneumonia infections/ scaring from past illnesses and that the nodules should go away / decrease in size. *I should note that this visit, I was not with my usual PCP as she was out on maternity leave. I finally got a COVID19 test through my employer, however, it came back inconclusive. They still would not accept it along with my doctor notes. My employer wanted to talk with the clinic that did the testing. I would have more than gladly approved... however for some reason this clinic would not talk with me directly.. the patient. I told both the clinic and my employer that until the clinic would give me more information I was not approving they speak with my employer. I thought that was fair... my health.. i should get the info first. Apparently, my employer did not feel that way.

Now, I pay for health insurance and for some reason the ER charged me outrageous amounts for my visit. It should have been max $200. They charged me $384, stating I was put in a room ((I was not.. at one point they actually made me wait outside)). I knew something was wrong, and those doctors at the ER did too. So why did they kick me out? Why did they not test me and care for me properly? Were they scared? So was I. My government employer did not care, and I ended up losing my job as they would not accept my 4 doctors notes and told me if I did not come to work that next Monday I would not have a job.

I worked hard to get where I was. I went to college as a single mother, working 2 jobs to get there, and raising my 3 babies on my own without their BIO father because he choose a different path. I loved my job. Within less that 3 weeks, everything was gone. I got sick in March 2020 and my whole life changed by April 2020.

I likely got sick working my government job, helping families I cared greatly about. However, my government job did not care about me. I tried to file complaints with them, it took over a year to get an appointment with the EEOC. I kept the appointment from October 2020 and am still awaiting an answer. I filed complaints with the hospital and that ended in me being told I was no longer able to go there for care. It’s unbelievable how this hospital will not take accountability for what happened but rather blame me, the patient. I filed a police report for their actions so that it would be documented because I have learned something particularly important through working with the government…. If you do not document it… it did not happen.

One year after this started and I have a Pulmonologist ((along with 4 other doctors)). They have monitored the nodules and they got bigger. I have no clue what is going to happen…. But the ER did me so badly. I think its so sad that no one in power that could do anything, would help. I filed complaints and I was to blame, why? Everything so far has been documented and can prove the hospital did wrong.

It’s so sad that hospitals are supposed to help people, and they don’t always. I reached out to lawyers also… about 13. Finally, I stopped after being told I was a women, and should be at home working. Same "lawyer" told me that even though I had a case, no doctors would go against the other? Or something along those lines. So that I would never win. He advised I stay at home and learn my place as a mom.

Why can’t people just do the job they were paid for? And do it nicely? WHY?

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