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Copy of Finally part 3. The Rabbit

It was always you

who ruined me.

It was really fucked up by the time

I could finally see.

I will never again not choose me.

But that rabbit.. was part of me.

and it never got to be free.

At least not until that day

when I met with death for the first time.

and death decided

you would forever be mine.

I loved too much

I squeezed too tight

the rabbit was dead

by the next night

Death said to me...

...Hello my small friend

Don't worry, we will meet many

times again. I am sorry for all

you're about to go through

But I promise

for you

I will always

come through

And don't worry little one

I am not like them.

I will take care of

your rabbit.

For we are all

forever friends.

I loved too much

I squeezed too tight

but death took me

into his arms that night

And everyone else set fire to

my flame.

and then just stood and watched as I couldn't remember my name.

I was 3 and back then that Rabbit really meant the world to me.


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