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Allergy testing.

I've struggled greatly with breathing issues since September 2019 a few months after I had surgery on my Thyroid. Since then it seems everything has become worse as far as my health goes. Breathing issues and pain have become significantly intolerably over the last 2 years for me.

I was seen by my Primary Doctor, ER, and 2 Pulmonologist for these issues. None of the inhalers helped me. They made my breathing more difficult, and the pain became worse. I was breaking out in a rash from my chest up to my neck. My doctors said I was allergic to the inhalers. First I was diagnosed with severe asthma... never had issues in my life. I was very athletic when I was younger and have tried to stay quite active as an adult. I never had issues chasing my children around indoors or outdoors ever. After about 7 months my doctors said I did not have asthma.. or maybe I did? I was given 4 different inhalers over time to try and a breathing machine. It became difficult because after a year of waiting to be seen... the pulmonologist's office was no longer contracted with my insurance so, I had to find a new doctor. I felt so defeated.

My first Pulmonologist office actually canceled my appointment with them where i was supposed to get my results. After i called the office and explained, they stated they would see me to provide the results and they would pay the cost since they switched contracts. The doctor gave me 3 recommendations while waiting to find a new doctor: 1) There was a test I needed that was currently on hold due to COVID19 pandemic. (My primary doctor said she would follow up when they were permitting it; and that she would check in with a specific facility as she thought they may be doing it for patients. My Primary doctor has been so amazing and I am thankful to have found her. ) 2) A CT chest scan to be done yearly to monitor that my primary doctor could provide a referral for. 3) An allergy test.

So after 1 year and 3 months... it was recommended that I have an allergy test. My life has changed drastically over this time because I am scared and can't do much. I am scared I will be out with my children and not be able to breathe. I am scared I might pass out on a hike so I just don't go anymore. I'm scared of the same so we don't take walks or go to the Zoo. Having issues breathing is scary. The heat makes it worse, so much worse. It feels like I am suffocating if I am out longer than an hour. I do have very bad anxiety so I know sometimes the struggle to breathe is because of anxiety or panic attacks. However, this is different. I will be walking, peacefully and all of a sudden gasp for air and then my side hurts. I've felt like this before after a long hike or run... but never just a short walk around the block. I have to be very careful even in my house because we have stairs and that can be a struggle. I can only go up and down so many times before I lose my breath.

It's so damn scary. I am 32.

In June 2021 I was able to have an allergy test completed to help get closer to my breathing issues. The test itself wasn't terrible, but it wasn't pleasant either. Many needle pricks and about 45 minutes later they told me I had an allergy to Mesquite Trees and Cats. While waiting for a follow-up with my doctor it was recommended I stay away from cats, avoid being outdoors around Mesquite trees or eating any food containing Mesquite flavoring and/or been cooked on Mesquite wood.

Cats seem to be everywhere....and so are Mesquite trees. So no more camping with mesquite campfires? Or eating food cooked over mesquite? Tragic.

I will likely have options to receive shots and reduce my allergies. The office gave me some coding numbers to call and discuss with my insurance to determine cost. It was very nice to have people actually concerned about my health and providing me with so much information. It's my health people should be informed me... you/ everyone (of everything). The lady who did my testing told me before I left... there is a number I could call on my paperwork if I had any questions /concerns or needed further explanation of my results. Great! I feel like I understand but may think of questions later.

Hopefully, something reasonable can be done to help with the issues I've been the very least I am thankful to have found this ENT office and doctor I see. Everyone I have come into contact with at the office has been beyond amazing. Everything you should expect from your healthcare for sure!!! I will always ask advice from this office along with my primary doctor.

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