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All you need, is you.

You’re basically forced to be with yourself when you are there for everyone, but no one is there for you. It’s so difficult when you are constantly drawn to help others and be their everything, but no one is that for you.

You realize you don’t need anyone else. When you depend on others you can very easily be let down. Learning to love yourself and be content with yourself is the most beautiful thing in the world. Then you truly don’t have to be afraid of anything, because you have yourself and that is all you really need.

Forgetting who you are in this world is so easy. Falling in love with yourself rather than someone else should be the ultimate goal. Knowing who you are makes you the best you can be in the world; it makes it harder to forget who you are when you fall in-love with yourself.

The world needs more truly great people to shine their light and stop being afraid of who they are, and what they can be.

A divine being; doing divine things.

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