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adventure cut short in June.

I tried to do something fun for my kids.

We all love camping and haven't been in a while.

It'd been so hot and I thought it would be nice to get some cooler weather.

I drove up with 5 kids by myself; my husband was going to meet me after work.

We wanted to get a decent spot as there were NO reservations available.

I've never done a first come first serve camp before.

It was a bit overwhelming driving up; because its a fucking mountain.

The kids were great; all 5 of them.

We find camp spot #43 down a very narrow road.

Unpack, and the kids get their tents set up.

I helped the girls; the boys did fabulous on their own.

We had a neighbor camper tell me to move the car; it was in their spot.

I didn't realize camp spots had designated spots.


I move my car after feeding my toddler.

We all hang out, explore close by, and have some snacks.

It starts to get dark and my husband still hasn't shown up.

I'm starting to worry a bit.

I'm a little upset because we didn't explore more and now it's dark.

I was scared to go alone to explore with the kids.

Why? No damn clue... I just drove up the damn mountain alone for the first time!

Girls go to their tent.

Boys go to their tent.

I lay down on the hammock thinking; my husband will be there soon.

Something JUMPED on me. I thought it was a beetle. I brushed it off. Quickly realized, IT IS NOT A BEETLE.. it is big, hairy, has I'm pretty sure 8 legs, and omfg i SCREAM. It bit me. it hurt so much. I was terrified trying to shake it off. My girls are screaming trying to shine their flashlight on me so i can see. My boys are trying to decide how to help. My oldest stays with the toddler and my second oldest runs to me.. without shoes, in the dark, and without a flashlight. He's telling me he can't see but trying to swat at it. I'm still shaking trying ot get it off but I can feel it's legs and my hair. I'm seriously so terrified. My son swats it off. He screams; it's crawling up his arm. He swats it off. I'm crying. He's freaking out. I tell him to go back with the boys; and i get in the tent with my girls. I am so scared. My youngest daughter takes a photo for me and I freak out a bit. I'm trying to stay as calm as I can; because I am the adult here. I realize that.. i in fact am the adult in the situation and try so much to be calm. But I am terrified, I am very allergic to insects, and I cannot stop crying. I look for my bag to find the Benadryl. THANK goodness I remembered to bring it. I took 2 and told the girls i may need them to help me over to the neighbor's tent to get help. They agreed however when I opened the tent I got extremely terrified in the dark and couldn't make myself go through the woods. I just asked them to pack their things and we would go sit in the car. We made it to the car. I was still terrified and trying to calm down. I couldn't believe how brave and awesome my kids were.

My husband finally arrived and saw us because we were sitting in the car and a light was on. I told him I was bit by a spider.. he loaded everything up and we drove down from the mountain. Honestly, it was a beautiful view of the moon and stars driving home....but I was still terrified.

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