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Everyone deserves to feel true/ pure love.

Everyone is worthy of love. EVERYONE.

……But how do you know what that is, when you have never really had that in your life? Not by any fault of your own, but how do you know what love is when no one has ever shown you?

What if every love you thought you’ve ever known; was a lie. It was never really love; it was abuse, manipulation, and just torture. You do not give something to expect something back. You give something because you care. But you put yourself through what you thought was love for years.. many of them because you really felt that is what love was.

Then you realize it ‘s not; and it’s like you’re in this never-ending tornado that you cannot get out of. You get maybe just a tiny piece of what real love is or could be when you’re at the eye of the tornado….

But then that person does not fully know how to love… and breaks you more than you already were. You’re pulled back into the tornado and can’t see the way out. Before you learned to fully love yourself and before you knew how to NOT let others affect you. You’re stuck. And Miserable. And you start to hate yourself, because you do not know how to give love or how to receive love.

Now you have learned to love in the best way that you can, you trusted and allowed someone to love you back. Only for them to shatter everything you ever thought love was or could be. Love should not cause pain in the ways that I have felt. You do not give to others so they can control all aspects of you. You do not allow others to allow you to lose yourself when you’re with them. That is not love.

The best way to learn about love, in my opinion, is learning to love yourself. Learning to fully trust and depend on yourself, and no one else. What makes you feel good? What makes you smile? What makes you feel like nothing else matters? Storms do end. Sometimes we have to go through very difficult times to remember who we are and what we are made for.

It is great to feel true and pure love from within and from others as well. I really feel that you must first learn to love yourself to be able to fully accept love from others. Taking care of and loving yourself is so important because YOU are the only one who truly can.

Everyone is fully worthy of love, but not everyone is worthy of our love.

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