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It's really fucking sad but I'm realizing it's true.

I've been so numb inside, since the day I lost you.

You showed me how to live and how to love life.

I honestly want to die every time i see a big knife.

Then maybe I would be with you again. and I could smile for real.

The pain inside doesn't hide, it feels like it will never heal.

I was given a dad who was lost and sad.

But every time I saw you, you made me glad.

You made me laugh and have fun every day.

I just can't believe you were taken away.

you were so full of life, happiness, and joy.

I can't believe how much losing you destroyed me inside.

I feel so alone.

I don't know where to go.

It's hard to sleep when you don't always want to wake.

I miss the times we shared. its not fair. i know, lifes unfair.

You were taken too soon

But I'll always have you when i look up to the moon.


#lightandlove #belle_1188

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